Cofinite topology (finite complement topology)


Let X be a non-empty set and τ be the collection of φ and all subsets of X whose complements are finite. Then τ is called cofinite topology on X (also called finite complement topology) and the pair (X, τ) is called cofinite topological space.

τcof = {φ ⋀ U⊂X | Uc is finite}


τcof= {U⊂X | Uc is finite or X}


If set X is finite then the co-finite topology on set X is the discrete topology.

Co-finite topology Proof

Show that τcof = {φ⋀ U⊂X | Uc is finite}


Cofinite topology

This shows that τ is a topology on set X. this is called cofinite topology and the pair (X, τcof) is called the cofinite topological space.

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